Divine Intervention??!?

Dad has always been a hockey fan. He loved the game. He loved the Montreal Canadiens, they were his first love in the hockey world. I remember as a kid watching old Boston Montreal games because he had taped them. It didn't mater that he knew who won, he was just happy to rewatch them..

And while he continued to carry a torch for the Canadiens, he began to look at the big picture. He was involved in many Hockey Picks, drafts etc. I remember him going over the stats to get the best bang for his buck, sort to speak. In August 08, he sat down and looked at the stats. He knew it was going to be his last time to do the drafts, so he wanted to make it right. He made a prediction based on those facts. And I am happy, so happy, actually I started to tear up when I saw that his pick, the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup tonight. He would have been so happy that his favorite team in the last 5 years made it. He loved the depth and age of the team. He thought the character of the Pens was phenomanal. So dad, two things happened this year in hockey that would have made you smile, and through my tears right now, I'm smiling with you. Mike Keenan was fired as Head Coach for the Calgary Flames (that's a whole different story :)) and the Pittsburgh Penguins won the cup.

Go dad go. Now if you could swing a lottery win for me But I'll take the little things. The guy on the motorcycle, the Penguins winning the cup. Those I'll cherish and take with me forever!


Amber said...

What a great post, Jenn. :) I LOVE that your dad's team won. That just rocks. :)

Jing said...

Only few could really have a really kind heart as yours. I wish you well always. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Alicia said...

That's so awesome that they won...that must mean so much to you...

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