Another reminder..

Here it is the 10th of June and I've been given another reminder how short and fragile life is.

My sister's, (who really is my sister in law), Grandma died after a stroke on Monday. She died yesterday afternoon. She was older. From what I heard, she wasn't all that healthy, but she was doing ok. Then without real warning, she died. Luckily Ange's family were able to be by her side at the end, and I'm told it was very peaceful.

My message is brief today. Call someone you haven't called for awhile. Be it your Grandparents, and Uncle or Aunt, a friend, or even a parent. Because you never really know what will happen.


Alicia said...

I wish it wasn't the sad things in life that made up want to tell our family how much we loved them...thanks for sharing...i hope your SIL is doing alright...

Jenn M said...

Isn't it the truth though?

Since my dad died, I've been in contact with many people that I didn't want to bother with/been too busy for etc. Because you sometimes need that reminder that life can be taken so quickly..

Christie said...

This is the first time I've visited your blog. I was moved to tears just by your introduction. My dad was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, but after a successful kidney removal, he has had a clean bill of health ever since. (Although we're always wondering if and when his cancer will return). Sorry for your loss, but keep hanging in there. My thoughts are with your sister-in-law and her family.

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