4 Months ago...

Yep it's been 4 months since Dad Passed.

I actually forgot for a minute, but then I called my mom. She wasn't doing very well today.

It's funny. It feels like forever ago and then I'll see a motorcycle with an "older guy" on it and think, man dad would have loved to be here. He loved his bike. He was riding bikes, or so he said, before he could walk. That's unverifiable of course, but he was the ultimate in fishtalers.. He could spin a tale over anything.. You would think he was a genius. But really he just had a knack for cool (and sometimes useless) knowledge. That's what I miss the most. Besides his smile. He was always smiling. I miss the smile. I miss him.

But as we all know, life goes on.

I took a few days off because my quad hurt, but tonight I'm back in the saddle. Just a short 20k ride tonight. Tomorrow will be another round the city bike. I'm hoping for 105km. Wednesday will be another short 40k. And yes I know how strange that seems.

Have a wonderful day. Take time to call your parents and tell them you love them. Because you never know when you might not have the chance.


Alicia said...

You got me all weepy...thanks =) i really am going to go call my daddy know...thanks for being such an inspiration! i hope you have a better day!

Sara said...

Four months already? Hugs to you... I wish I would have known your father. But in a way I feel I did, through your posts about him. Never stop sharing those thoughts and memories. That is one of the ways he lives on. I will think of him when I see an 'older guy' on a motorcycle now too. :) xx

Mama J. said...

You do so much to honour your Dad, Jenn, he would be very proud of you, I think.

Don't feel bad when you forget for a minute. That is how we heal and move on. It isn't forgetting your Dad...it is just healing form the pain.


WhisperingWriter said...

This made me tear up. I don't know what I'd do without my father.

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