$255 left

That's it. That's all. I have $255 more to raise for the one day walk in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. Or if I was really really lucky $955 to do the full two day walk. But I'm determined so who knows. By the end of this journey this year I will (with the help of friends) will have raised over $7500 towards kicking Cancers butt! I'm very proud of what we've accomplished.

Having yet another party tonight. This is a Stampin up card making party. Pretty excited. I've never done cards. Never really wanted to. But who knows maybe this will be my next addiction..

I think Sal is ready for the home parties to be finished. Although our house has never been cleaner so really I think I might do these parties regularly just so the mess can't take over. :) or maybe I'll just keep the house clean.

On the same note, The Pampered Chef Party will be closing on Friday for those who still want to get in. They ship all over Canada too *hint, hint.


MrsETaylor said...

I picked up the hint lmao. Will order something this evening. Can I order a little from Char for the Stampin Up party too?

Love ya miss ya yadda yadda yadda

Jenn M said...

Yep you can..

Thanks. And really the hint wasn't for you. It was for a relative that reads this constantly.. :D

MrsETaylor said...

the pampered chef order is done, now how do I order from Char?

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