Rain rain ain't stopping Jenny..

20k today. Not my best ride but really it was 3 degrees, raining like crazy and did I mention freaking COLD.. Not my favorite thing, but as mom pointed out (like Mom's have a tendency to do) June IS the rainy month in Alberta so it could be very very cold, wet and windy up in the pass at the end of June. I'm personally going to believe that Mr. Beer is talking to the weather people and coming up with a bargain. Because he knows his girl is not an all weather chick.. But this is the new and improved Jenny. The Jenny who won't say "ooou its raining I'm going to stay at home" but who will say "yikes its raining, better put another layer on" so off I went. And rode, and cursed, and cursed and got insanely wet but did it.

Yippee for a better frame of mind.

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