Without further adieu .. I bring you

my new bike.

She's a beaut. And she has pretty flowers. I told Sal that was the reason for the purchase, just to annoy. But really it had everything that I needed in a bike, all the right Derailleurs, shifters, pedal cages, even the seat is comfy. O.k. I'll be honest, it really looked pretty. No seriously, it had Shimano shifters and derailers. Bontranger handles and stems and 700c tires (the skinny ones) It fit well etc etc. I really don't know what it all means but I know that these were the things I was supposed to look for. Linda, thank your son-in-law for me because I was so confused.

So I am the proud owner of a Trek 7.3fx wds. I think it was a good choice. I've taken a few spins on it and I like it. Plus now I can put the crappy 'crappy tire' bike back on the roller and use that when it is snowing, like today. Seriously Calgary, come one why is it so yucky. I want spring, not just this fake taste of spring crap. It was purchased at the nicest, cleanest bike shop I've been too, and believe me I have been to most in the city. Pure Cycle in Millrise. I would definitely recommend them.

Now onto the route. If you want to see a very sore, tired but completely complete chick at the end of the race June 26th you can see me on the Cowboy trail. We will ride the cowboy trail for 216 km. If you want to know where to cheer me on, and man by the end I'll need A LOT of cheering, contact me at jsminardi@shaw.ca and I'll give you the details.

Finally my last piece of information. This will be shocking to many. I've decided to let old wounds just die with my dad. I'm going to see my Grandparents in August in Victoria. I'm excited. Very excited. The girls will have such a great time and so will I. I'm hoping Mom will have a decent time, although understandably it will be A LOT harder for her then for us. But hopefully we can lean on each other. Yep I'm taking a road trip with not my hubby but my momma and my kids. It will be a lot of fun.

So that's my news. Oh and I made it to Woodbine but not back the other night. Still 30 was good.


fullfreezer said...

Great bike. I have no idea what all those things are but it sounds good! Congrats on the bike and on the upcoming trip. Sounds like fun.

Sonia said...

Very pretty indeed! I wish I could be there to cheer you on Jenn but I anticipate being very busy as it's 3 days before we leave! I'll be thinking of you for sure!

Sara said...

Lovely bike. Very pretty. And I hope your trip turns out to be absolutely wonderful... for everyone. :)

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