Sicko's musings and a LONG ride.

We have all felt incredibly gross, disgusting, sick, icky, nasty, snotty, yucky and did I mention SICK, this past week. It has been a week that's for sure. One I really hope is about to end. I don't like sick. Sick is icky. Sick kids that can't blow their noses and blow snot bubbles, really icky. This is especially true when you can't hold your own head up because it feels like a lead balloon. Good times! I think it is almost, do you hear that ALMOST, over.

I'm very lucky. Even with the snot bubbles. In my sickness, I have been searching blogs and found a few that make you think, darn I am one lucky girl. First there is Stellan, poor kid is 5 months old and still in heart failure for an easy term. Then there is was Maddie who at the tender age of 18 months died in the arms of her momma. Or how about Johnathan White who has cancer at a really incredibly young age. So many heartbreaking stories. It makes your realize that although life sometimes sucks, it could always be worse.

Now on to the Long ride. So tomorrow, the 19th of April, I am doing my first long ride. Altogether it will be 60km. HOLY CRAPPOLA. Cranston through Fish Creek to Woodbine and then back. Luckily I'm not insane so I'm stopping for lunch at my moms in Woodbine first. No kids, just me, my water, and my cell (just in case I need to call in the troops) Wish me luck!

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Mama J. said...

So... how'd it go??

Are you still with us?

Hope everyone is feeling better!

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