The first of many firsts..

One down, 10 to go.

Easter was a tough one. I know they say it'll get easier with time and I know that it will but man oh man I miss my dad. Stupid Cancer.

The first Easter without Dad was a pretty low key one. Made it the best for the girls. A special request was put into the Easter bunny to do playdoh and sidewalk chalk and only one thing of chocolate. This was for the mommy who needs to bike 200+k in 2 months. No more crap needs to come into my system and I have no willpower.

So yeppers. Easter sucked. The girls are sick so it was fitting.

One holiday down, 10 'firsts' to go.

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fullfreezer said...

I hope the future holidays get easier. I know they won't get easier immediately but I can hope anyway. Hang in there. I hope everyone is feeling better today.

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