It's real, it's really real!

I don't have an exact amount of days but I believe its less than 90 days left until I do the Ride to Conquer Cancer. YIKES! AND WOOHOO!! And just in time for the last 90 days, spring has arrived!!! We are finally getting spring here in Calgary, and I must say about bloody time!!

Biking has begun in full swing here at the house. Sal and I have went out the last two days with the girls on the bikes. He drew the short straw tonight and had to take the bike trailer, which I am pretty happy about since another 70 pounds is a heck of a lot of resistance. But boy what good training that is. A crappy, Canadian tire bike and massive resistance will make for a kick ass ride when I get my new bike and have no kids attached. But for tonight,I was quite willing to let him have the honor of carting the girls around.

We just did the loop around the neighborhood, so about 4k, then Sal went to the park with the girls and I did another 2 loops. So around 12k tonight. I'm happy with that. I could have went longer, but this thing called hydration was not on my bike. *note to self go to Walmart to pick up a water bottle holder..

Oh and have I mentioned how much I love biking? 10000 times more than running.

So for posterity sakes here are my On Road Totals
Sunday 4km
Monday 12 km

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