Kidney stones? ... well maybe but maybe not..

So I've been missing this past few days because of Kidney Problems. I find this funny. It's amazing how your mind will go to some terrible places when in a situation like I am. Pain in kidneys and lower abdomen. I didn't GOOGLE, I would normally have but I knew I didn't have Kidney Cancer and if I did have it then if I had pain I'd be screwed so really I didn't want to know. Anyways I didn't want to go to the hospital because I hate hospitals. Hate them. But my friend TL, called when I was at a level 9 in pain and heard my not so happy voice and said that she'd be over in 20 minutes.

So off we go to the hospital. Wow. I was one of the sickest. I felt bad that I was one of the sicker ones because I'm sure people were looking at me and thinking, seriously this lady looks pretty icky but really she gets in before me? But man it hurt. Worse than Emily's labour, and that was crappy!!!

Anyways after a vat of blood was drawn, exams, 6 hours later I was given the diagnosis of, probably kidney stones but not sure. The xray's came back as inconclusive. Stones usually show bright on Xray's and all they saw was a fragment 3mm off the bowel. Come back in 2 days if the pain is still between 4-9. Yay. But I did get a lovely script of Torodel. How can something so small be so painful!!

And pain today is a 3-4. So again we wait. I am learning to love waiting.


Mama J. said...

Wow...sounds awful!! Toradol is really strong and you need to eat with it or it will make you sick.


I hope you feel better soon!

Jenn M said...

Yeah not the most fun in the world. I can't eat food right now but the drug isn't making me sick thank goodness.

I'm feeling much better even now. So hopefully it's over. 3 days of gross pain is enough for me

fullfreezer said...

Oh dear! I'm sending good thoughts your way. I've never had kidney stones but have had a friend who did. Yeah, she said worse than labor- I can't imagine!!!
Feel better soon.

Jo-Ann said...

Gosh, I hope you feel better soon!

I too have a friend who had kidney stones after having 3 kids naturally. And yes, she said it was worse then childbirth.

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