Croup round 5? - update

The barking seal.

That is what I just woke up to at 1:15. Sal well he slept through it until I yelled GET UP. It amazes me that he can sleep through anything. But anyways, I'm sitting here watching Dora at 2am because man E has it bad. I'm debating the hospital but think I'll wait a bit. The thought of the Children's hospital on a Saturday morning kind of makes me nauseous. Do I really want to wait for 10 hours to be seen, because really its not critical so we wouldn't be seen first or second or even third. I think I'll wait it out. I have to remind myself that it sounds 1000 times worse than it feels for her (or so I was told with the doctor with B) Have the bedroom done for her though, the vaporizer and the extra pillow (that was Sal's contribution) for when she does refall asleep. But for now I'm going to surf the web because its going to be a LONG LONG night.

She slept for about 4 hours and seems to be better now. We will see tonight as the seal usually makes its appearance at night.


Juls said...

sick kids are no fun at all.. Hope you all get some rest soon! :)

tammy said...

Since this is round 5 for you, I am sure you know the drill. Have they ever told you that after you do the shower thing, it helps to wrap the kids up and go sit outside for a little bit. Seems the air change often helps stop the spasms. We learned it after traveling to the ER a few times and getting there and having them be much better already. The docs said that it happened often and it was the temp. change mostly. So...just throwing it out there for you. I had one in particular that was prone to croup...and was still getting it when he was around8. No fun!! Hang in there.

Brenda Jean said...

We've been through it long ago and it really does sound worse than it is! I agree with tammy-- taking them outside does help and the shower. My husband is an RN now, and he tells people to take them outside--even in the winter, so it's worth a try!

Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

Kelly Deneen said...

I hope things are better!! I have also heard cold/fresh air and/or a steamy room will help.

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