Usborne Books.

I fell in love with a book company today. I love books but haven't been all together impressed with kids books lately. But today I found a great one.

I will admit I love the home party (actually I don't) but I like doing home parties for fundraising. I find that they are good way for people to donate to my cause. And if you don't know what that is by now its KICKING CANCER'S ASS. I'm calling this year my "Jenny's pedaling, running and walking for a cure" year. So I need to do as many fundraisers as possible.

But today I went to a home party for Usborne Books and decided that I want to do a party. Hopefully it'll become a fundraising party (because 10000 is a lot of money to raise) but even if its not then I'll still have fun. Usborne Books is a British Company that has awesome kids books from babies right up to teenagers.

My kids made out like bandits. They were just so purdy!

Oh and a training note: I have to bike 2 hours tonight. Slightly sore shoulder or not.


Sue said...

Hi Jenn -- Thanks for visiting my blog today! I just read through a couple of your posts and I am SO sorry to hear of the tremendous loss of your dad. It's just beyond words.

[Sidenote: your dad's service was at an Anglican church -- was he a member? My husband is an Anglican priest! :) ]

We too are a cancer-hating family. My mom has gone through two bouts of breast cancer, two different "strains," one on top of the other. So far she's OK, but until a cure is found (and WHY the heck hasn't one been "found" yet?!) it will always be with us. I am amazed and awed at your tenacity and wish you all the best!

And yes ... Usborne books are pretty cool, aren't they?! :) Thanks again for stopping by -- nice to "meet" you!

Michelle said...

I love Usborne book ! I started collecting them when Hayden was a baby and Laila is enjoying the first ones now.

Can't wait for your party !

Jenn M said...

Yep Sue. His service was at an Anglican Church. The priest was great!

I don't understand why a cure can't be found. But until it is I'll bike, walk and run as much as I can to fundraise as much as I can to make it stop.

I'm sorry to hear about your mom, but its great that she is fighting it well. I love hearing good fighting stories (just wish I heard more)

And Michelle. I hope you can make it! It'll be lots of fun. I sent you a facebook invite!

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