Um seriously?

$634.27 for Heat and Electricity?


Small house (1200 sq feet) small kids, and what?

$634.27 for Enmax.

And nope didn't forget to pay last months. Been paying all along.

Called them. "Yeah we've been getting a lot of phone calls". No SHIT!

They are playing 'catch up' because oh yeah they haven't done a meter reading for 62 days.

I wish I could just not do my job for 62 days. You think my kids would mind?


fullfreezer said...

You're kidding! You would think that if they hadn't done a reading for that long that they would let you pay it over a few months as well. Suggest that to them and see what they say.

Mama J. said...

Have you tried wearing sweaters and slippers and turning the heat down?

My parent's house is cold and they have LOW natural gas bills because they keep the heat turned down and wear a turtleneck and a fleece shirt over top, fleece socks and either shoes or slippers.

Also, for electric, I am obsessed with turning off lights, unplugging appliances and opening the curtains during the day to save electric.

I hope they realise that they've over charged you and credit you...:(

(((HUGS)))...At least you have big Sal to keep you warm.

Michelle said...

Yikes...I have opened mine yet but I'm sure it's a lovely amount.

Jenn M said...

Yeah you would think so Judy, but nope. they want their money.. I told them they will get it when they get it. It'll be a 2 month thing.

I can't get my house any colder. Its 67 in the day and 65 at night. I'm always wearing sweaters and slippers. Oh well. I looked at the amount of heat and electric and they weren't abnormal amounts just one time vs 3 months. Oh well. I'll meter read from now on. Live and learn right.

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