Need a new poison..

If you have read this blog for awhile, or are a IRL friend you will know I have a small love affair with DisAronno.. But like this new phase in my life, I need a new drink.. Ok that sounds very Alcoholic like of me, but it really is just a night out, night in, one drink thing. Cocktail hour. Plus as an added bonus I haven't been sick in 3 months, coincidence?

Anyways I'm on the hunt for a new drink, hunt is strong since I just decided this about an hour ago when I opened the liquer cabinet for some tequila to make tequila chicken and realized that my Disaronno is no more.. Maybe a sip, not a drink left. *sigh* So now I'm thinking this is a great time to try something else. Gin? Vodka? Scotch? Hmm.. To the liquer store.. And again this is my process of grief. I'm owning it :)


fullfreezer said...

My current favorite is Cruzan flavored rum- generally black cherry, raspberry or vanilla. It's nice mixed with soda or straight on the rocks. We don't do the every night thing but Friday and Saturday nights we have one or two after the children are in bed. Well, Ok, there is occasionally one on Thursday (there was last night). I think the only time you need to worry is when you NEED that one drink a night. As a test for yourself- try to go a few days without- that will tell you if it's a problem or not. (I used to work in a substance abuse rehab program- that must be why I drink)

Jenn M said...

Yep Judy you are totally right..

I would never be a drunk, I'm way to lazy. To go to the store and pick something out right now won't be happening.

That rum sounds pretty yummy. Black cherry, sounds divine!

Ann On and On... said...

Humm, I'll have to think about that one.

Welcome to the SITS-ahood! We are happy to have you! Jump over to my blog, click the GIVEAWAY tab....I have 2 going on right now.

Mamarazzi said...

well...i wish i had a drink idea to offer you but i am not a drinker (though some people often ask me if i am drunk...which is weird)

I am here to welcome you to SITS. You are going to love being part of this amazing community of women. So welcome to the SITStahood!!

OH and I am having a giveaway on my blog come check it out...scroll down a little it's a couple posts in ;)

MrsETaylor said...

Mark is very envious of the Scotch Tasting in April lol.

I am also an amaretto fan. It is really wonderful with southern comfort and any flavor of soda lol

Jennifer said...

I would say Rum. Try Appleton Estate Rum or my favourite LemonHart Rum.

The darker the better. Rum and Coke... always my first choice.

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