Wow how cool!

So I am now a proud owner of a stationary trainer. Very exciting.. Exciting that I never thought I'd be excited about a piece of gym equipment.. Come along way baby!

I found out a great story from one of my friends today.. J and J were in the doctors office 3 weeks ago and he saw the Conquer Cancer poster.

the conversation went like this:

J: You should do this mommy.

Mom: I can't, because your little brother is just too little.

J: Dad should do it.

Mom: He can't he's working.

J: Oh well what can we do?

Mom: My friend Jenn is doing it.

J: thinks for a second. I'm going to do a lemonade stand and then we should have a garage sale and I'll sell my old toys.

Mom: Sounds like a plan

3 weeks go by and J comes back up to his mom,

J: I've been thinking about it and this year for my birthday I want to ask people for money instead of presents and then I'll donate it to Jenn.

I've never been so touched and honored. This is a 6 year old boy. Wow is all I can say! J, you have raised your son to be a very amazing little boy. I am honored to be your friend!

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