50 minutes down, 6 hours + another day to go!

Very excited last night. I biked for 50 minutes on the stationary bike and I was feeling great. Did a 35 minute random hill climb and 10 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down (should have done 10 but I had to see my mom last night) and if I hadn't learned from previous over extending I could have went longer. But my brilliance shone through again and I remembered that "you might be able to do it but you shouldn't" is a motto of most athletes.

Going to Cyclepath today to get the trainer that will take my training to the next level. Also a trip to walmart for some weights.. Jenny's going to be toned in 5 months! Its been a crazy ride in the last month and its only going to get better!

Dad's the same.. Who knows what will happen with all of that. My gut is telling me to get prepared. Which I will do. How do you prepare? No idea. I guess start to make peace with it?

But today's a good day. I'm going to get my stationary trainer!!

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Jo-Ann said...

Cool accessory!

As for preparing, not sure anything can really help with that. Maybe some one better equipped can give some better advice, but when we knew my brother was dying, nothing really helped. It painful to go through, no matter what.

As always, sending prayers of peace and comfort.

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