Mommy when you are ....

Hubby was talking to B the other night while I was training at the gym because she was having a hard time sleeping (shock of all shocks lol) and he said that he is very proud of me for doing this. And B said yep its great because then we can get a new Grandpa. Huh? I guess in the mind of a 4 yr old me "biking for cancer, so no other girl will lose her grandpa" meant we get a new one. Nope you are unfortunately not going to have another grandpa, no male patriarchs will be alive. Sad to realize that she and her sister won't have grandpa's or nonno's. Made me cry, again shock of all shocks.

I've been a blubbering idiot the last week. I can't stop crying. So that freaks me out. Dad isn't even dead yet and I'm so sad. Not good when your "happy pills" aren't cutting it. Then again maybe I'd be worse without them. Definetely not the time to start experimenting. Couple of more months.

Got on the bike trainer last night and really loved it. Decided that my next must have is a better seat. Yikes. That crappy seat you can really feel the icky factor.

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