It's February 1st!

I'm so excited. Today is February First. This sounds pretty mundane to most, but to me its an amazing milestone. 8 weeks ago today, Dec 1st my dad was given 4-8 weeks no longer. He probably won't make it until 9 weeks but who knows. He's beaten every milestone the doctors have given him. Sheer force of will.

6 Days from today, Dad will be 62 years old. And we all have hope that he will make it the last 6 days. He was supremely pissed that the doctors said he won't make it until that age. He was so angry. So my bet is he dies on his birthday. What a complete circle. I was surprised to learn that in some circles the stats are quite interesting. 80% of people who have a life threatening illness die either 2 days before or 2 days after their birthdays..Women make it up to two days after and men 2 days before. Interesting.. But are the stats just "crazy bobs stats from his basement" or true. We will find out within 4-8 days I guess. We've been wondering what Dad is waiting for so maybe this is it.

Biked 60 minutes today on the trainer.. Totally doable! Yay me.. I have 4 months, 3 weeks and 4 days left.. Yikes. Time is a flying by!

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