Zombies. and penguins

I am very fortunate to have the ability to stay home with my children and actually enjoy it (most of the time).  And by being home with the girls, I get to do fun things like go on field trips.  Today was one of those fun days.  Yes it was cold, but not unbearable.  Yes it snowed about 20cm.  But that didn't stop us.  We went to the zoo for two things.  One to see the very cool new penguin exhibit at the Calgary zoo but also to see the bear program.  I will be honest, I was excited to see the penguins! 

We get to the penguin exhibit and it is pretty darn cool.  I will take Bella there once the hype dies down a bit.  But this is where the zombies come in.  This little 5 yr old girl comes up to me and says "Mrs. M, do you know what penguins eat?"  I say well yeah, but what do you think?  "Zombies" 

Oh lord. 

Kindergarteners are a different breed..


fullfreezer said...

Too funny!
But, think about it- if penguins really did eat zombies, they could be the salvation of the world. Pretty humbling.


Natural Guy said...

LOL! Great article! I love hearing about people creating memories with their children! This is one of my greatest life purposes is to free people to live FULLY on their terms and create a life by design.

It's not about the years in your life... it's about the life in your years!

Live full Time!

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