I cheated..


I cheated.  I was told it would hurt if I gave it a go again.  That my stomach was so used to the pain that it didn't even know what pain was anymore. 

I was told that wheat and gluten hurt me ..

I thought it's one date square.

I hurt. 

I know.

It won't happen again.


Michelle said...

Ohhh that's not good. A friend's son occasionally errs and has multiple allergies. With him it's a multi-day pain - for both of them - but here's hoping you're feeling better soon. It's amazing how little gluten it takes to get a reaction, isn't it?

Jenn M said...

It was surprising.
I learned my lesson though, so it shouldn't be hard to stick with this.
Plus the fact that I'm experimenting in the kitchen again makes me happier.

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