Eating out..

We had Sal's companies Christmas party last night and I was concerned. 

Was I the girl that was just going to be able to eat vegi's.   Should I just eat before?  The questions just kept coming in my brain..

We got there, and yup.  I don't think I'll be able to go out very often.  Which in reality is probably a good thing.  It's healthier, cheaper (which we'll need since GF is not cheap) and really I like cooking so this will be a good thing. 

I did eat vegi's.  And salmon.  And oh wait .. salad.   I had fruit and cheese for dessert. 

Today we went to Earls -- we had a gift card and no kids, and same thing.  1 thing besides salad I could eat that was of a lighter fare.  If I could eat beef it might be a bit different but I can't so my choices were limited to salad, a rice curry and roast chicken..  I could be more vocal and ask lots of questions but really I think I'll just stick to home. 

Lesson learned.  And I survived. 

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Michelle said...

I so get it. I love that there are so many restaurants that have allergen menus (often different from the standard menu even) so that I know what is and isn't something that we can have for Little Miss. It's not easy though, and it's frequently limiting! For kid birthday parties, we generally will bring something else for her to eat, but as she gets older she'll probably have to do more eating before events. Go ahead and ask those questions though - you are NOT the only one!

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