Running .. can be hazardous

To your butt.

I finally thought that I would be able to get a decent, not great, but decent run outside the other night.  I'm at a disadvantage because I have to do most things after 8 when my husband can come home, but I've been dealing with that for so long.. I got a partially decent run in but I have to say black ice is a tad blacker after 8pm or really quite invisible..

Owie, my butt is so sore from falling down.  I was lucky that I didn't hurt anything more but I think I'll stick to cycling and running on the treadmill until the snow has fully melted not just partially.

Still standing strong on my weight loss.  Now I'm going to get all the rest toned up.  By the end of summer, hopefully the beginning of summer, I'll have way less stomach and a much nicer core.. :)

Have a healthy week!

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Jo-Ann said...

Ouch! I remember the days when I could only do things when Craig got home (or was in town). Hang in there, one day soon you will have day time to yourself... heaven I tell ya, pure heaven.

I am really considering taking up running... if my p/t says it's ok. And then I don't wimp out...

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