Her first..

The years are full of firsts. First tooth, first crawl, first walk, first day of school. But this one has me worried. First playdate without me.

Emily is going for her first unaccompanied playdate. Its weird. She's been babysat before, she goes to the neighbours house but this is different. A mom invited both my kids over to play with both of her kids. Well she did get barrelled into it. Because if you know my Emily she puts on the waterworks like no tomorrow. She can sell ice to the Inuit. She can make a 300lb man cry and give in, within 2 seconds. And if you don't know her, her big blue eyes filled with pout and sass can make a good mom turn great and invite my 3 yr old to her house for a playdate. Yup my kid is a evil genius.

So today, both my kids are going for a playdate. For 2.whole.hours. I have 2 whole hours by myself. Yay.


Jo-Ann said...

Oh I LOVE unparented playdates! Enjoy your time!

fullfreezer said...

Have fun! And just wait until she goes on her first unaccompanied DATE!!!! Talk about being on pins and needles. My daughter went on her first date with a boy who had his driver's license this summer. It's an entirely different feeling having her get into a truck with a teenage boy than having his mom drive them to the movie.... but I survived.

Jenn M said...

Jo-Ann, aren't they the best. I've always had one kid. Always so this was a real treat.

Judy, ACK. That would be scary.

Amber said...

My 6 year old went on his first unparented playdate just a few weeks ago. It was very nerve-wracking for me; they came to pick him up and drove him home. I have to say I actually imagined that they might run away with my son. *blush* I was terrified. Horrible, isn't it? :oS

My 7 year old went on his first unparented playdate when he was 4 - his friend's parents took him to the museum. I totally had no problem with that. As time goes on I get more paranoid, I think!

Alicia said...

oh man...so bittersweet isn't it? so excited for them to experience new things, but so scary at the same time! i hope everyone enjoyed their two hours!!

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