Firsts and firsts and a bike

It was a weekend of firsts here. First playdate for Em. First LOOSE tooth for B.

It is probably the strangest and coolest part of being a parent, being able to remember what you went through at the similar time. It all came swimming back to me, the loose tooth. And that was a few years ago. A long few years ago. I remember being 5 too.. And my dad saying, I know what'll take the sucker right out. And proceeding to terrify me with the string and doorknob trick. Yeah, um, nope. And then having him torment me with that notion for the 3 days it took for it to fall out. I remember just about relenting and saying ok fine give me the string, and then thankfully the tooth falling out at the doorway - in the nick of time.. Oh the firsts. I'm so very thankful and proud to be a mommy.

On to the main reason of this blog. I have started retraining my body and my mind for the upcoming bike trip. I'm not going to lie and say its easy to restart. It.SUCKS.HARD. But my butt is beginning to relearn the bike seat. And I've restarted walking. Well restarted long walking. Yay. Oh and I've made $1100 towards my $3200 fundraising minimum! Well on my way!
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