Well ain't that special..

I put a vacation post up and the darn pictures didn't load.

I'm a loser baby..

Anyways I'm going to figure out what went wrong but in the meantime I give you this.

I am so shocked my kid is going to Kindergarten on Thursday.

I remember this itty bitty baby being hauled out of me with forceps (kay TMI, I know) and now that itty bitty baby is a mouthy, mini me and its freaking me out! She's a pretty cool kid though. Just like I'm a pretty cool chick too. I even made it on a friend of mines bloglist and she doesn't put just any old person on this list. I'm that cool!

But I digress, kid in kindergarten, one in preschool in a month and a mom who has is now a chauffeur. Oh how I'm excited!


MrsETaylor said...

I'm FREAKING OUT too. Our little underwear boy is starting on Friday ACK!!!!!

And you are special!!! Special enough for BFF status. Whodda Thunk!!!

Jenn M said...

It is crazy.
How the world is a changing.
Is he excited?
Bella's over the moon!!

Juls said...

Oh, the fun is just beginning... :) I never thanked you properly for the resources. I wanted to wait until you were back from your vacay.... Words can't describe, what a help you've been. Really. Thank you so much for reaching out to me when I know, you, have not had the easiest time lately either. You rock.

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