I'm leaving in a ...

Jet Plane Luxury car! Woohoo! It's vacation time for Jenny and the girls, and her momma. We're taking my mom's Toyota Avalon and it's so pretty, not the nasty minivan that is functional but takes the fun out of driving.

We are going to Victoria to see my dad's parents. That sounds so wrong doesn't it? I preface this with I know that would change places with dad in a heartbeat, but going to see your dead fathers 94 and 95 year old parents just seems strange. Oh well, that is the way this crazy ride we call life works sometimes.

Taking our time to get there, going to spend a few days in Vancouver to see the sights. I think the girls will have fun. I printed off a lot of car games and they have some sticker books, magnet books etc. I really didn't want to get the dvd player, I'm an old fart I think. I might be stopping in Kamploops to get one but for now I'm living in the old "I went on a million car trips to Victoria and never needed one, so neither do my children" route. We will see. If nothing else, its a trip to the beach so the grils will have fun!

Anyways as a side note, its been 6 months, 181 days, countless minutes since dad passed away. It still feels like yesterday and then in the same breath it feels like its been a lifetime.


Angela said...

Have a wonderful trip! I too am in the camp of I endured countless long car rides without a DVD player, so they can too :)

Michelle said...

Enjoy the trip. I refuse to get the DVD player, as well. In fact, I'm carpooling to school this year with a little girl who has already told me that my car isn't as fun as her mom's because mine doesn't have a DVD player in it. So there.

But I've done 18 hour drives without it. Your girls can do your drive... and this little girl can do the 20 minutes to school :)

Michelle said...

Have a wonderful trip Jenn !! Drive safe and enjoy the nice weather out there.

Alicia said...

yay! have a wonderful vacations!! i hope the kids have a blast!

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