The Weekend to End BReast Cancer..

I've talked on and on and on about the Underwear Affair, the Ride to Conquer Cancer, but I really didn't say much about the Weekend to End Breast Cancer.

In two days, without much training, I'll be doing 38k in the one day of the weekend to End Breast Cancer. Wish me luck. It's going to be a hard walk that's for sure but it'll be fun.

I'll have my camera nice and charged for this one. Plus I'll be walking so it'll be much easier to take pictures.

Oh my.



Angela said...

You are doing so much, truly an inspiration! Good luck, make sure you have lots of water on those hot days.

Alicia said...

oh have fun!! that's such a great cause! i can't wait to see the pics :)

Sara said...

I just saw the forecast for Saturday. It will be a hot one, but hopefully there will be a breeze at your back to help you along. I will be thinking of you and hopefully I can get out to cheer you on.

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