What a year it has been..

It has been a year, well actually a crazy half year.

To sum it up, I said to Dad after watching the Ride to Conquer Cancer commercial, who the heck in their right mind would bike 200km? That was November. First part of Dec, dad starts to go downhill quickly and Jenny decides to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Because I can't cure Cancer but I can bike (or so I hoped)

Here it is June 4th and I am basically done training. I have 23 days left. 2 long rides left, 6 short rides and then I'll be done the hard part. Then the actual event will happen. Wow. I can't believe it.

6 months ago, I thought it would be cool to do but didn't really believe I'd be able to do it. Now a short ride is 40k. Wow.. What a year.

Wow. Thanks for following this crazy ride.

Now I'll run 10k in the snow?!? on Saturday. In June. Yippee Dippy Skippy. But it's for a good cause. As I said way back when, I'd run, walk, and bike through fire to make it less possible for someone to lose someone they love to this blasted disease. cancer SUCKs.


Amber said...

You are so awesome, wonderful, amazing, fantastic for doing this!

Here I sit, too scared to walk/run around my neighbourhood on my own, and I read about you biking around the entire city and pushing around those who stand in your way (literally), no matter how scary they are.

And at the risk of sounding patronizing (I don't mean to - my words are 100% sincere), I want to say that I am proud of you for all you've accomplished and all you are about to do!

You are definitely an inspiration, and I hope that everything yet to come is not too challenging for you, but is just enough that YOU feel proud of yourself too, because of how far you've come.



Calgary Garden Coach said...

Congrats. You sound very dedicated and driven! I'm sure you will meet all your goals this year.

Jo-Ann said...

You are so close now. Your determination is amazing.

Go Jenn!!

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