On top of the world..

Yesterday was my first "big" ride. It was a great one. If you know Calgary at all, you'll know we have an excellent pathway system. I was able to go from my mom's in the far southwest to the far north west (Bowness Park) on basically one pathway. Well it was 2 paths. Elbow River and then the Bow River pathway.

In my journeys through the city, I've found one thing that amazes me.. We have wonderful parks that I've never bothered to explore. Bowness, Edworthy, even Princess Island park. That will be my summer goal!

I can do it. And those hills, that are mountains will not stop me. I have a mantra now on the scary hills. Dad went through hell, you can bike a stupid hill. Ok there were some explicts thrown in there at the end of the longest hill of my life, but I didn't walk once. I stopped and took a break for a minute but I did not walk. Not once in the 100 kilometers. Yippee!!

I ride today for a short 40 k, and yes I know how short and 40 don't usually play well together. Run tomorrow. Run in the rain for the Underwear Affair on Saturday. Guess I won't be wearing white. lol :)

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