I'm a nerd..

Is it weird that I got all excited when I saw this today at Walmart? I have Martha's cookie book and love it. It's like my cookie bible. And I'm so very excited that she's probably going to do a complete series.

The lady might be annoying as sin, she might have gotten herself into trouble, and created that annoying "knitted shawl" phase but man her bakers bake. And her/their creations are awesome.. I know what I'm getting for my birthday in 32 days.. 32 years old in 32 days.. I'm pretty excited. About it all. It's a good year, with smidges of shit pulled in. But I am supremely lucky to have such a great family, and some awesome friends. And in 32 days, the Cupcake Bible. :)


Alicia said...

Yum! I wish I wasn't such a horrible baker or I'd buy it! My husbands the baker in this family....maybe I should buy it for him!

Michelle said...

I love Martha...say what you like about her but she puts out fab magazines (I subscribe to 3) and she always give you neat ideas.

I love cupcakes and may just have to look for that book !!!

Trevor Oseen said...

Funny, I actually picked that up and flipped through it. Have a great weekend.

Mama J. said...

I am actually a huge closet Martha fan.

Her quest for perfection is a long, mostly impossible journey for people without dozens of staff, but man, when she posts a recipe...it is a keeper.

Jo-Ann said...

I'm not a fan of Martha, but I have a deep respect for her. She got a bum wrap and took her lumps with her big girl panties on. She even managed to come out the other end better then she went it. Have to applaud that.

I am not a baker, but I bet that book will be a great one.

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