And the race is on...

5 days.

5 days until I do something pretty amazing.. (If I can toot my own horn)

5 days

5 days until all my training, sweat, tears, are shown to be truly worth it.

5 days and I'll join 1900 other people trying to chase a dream..

5 days.

Thanks for following this crazy ride.

Don't worry if you don't have saddle sore, because man I have it for the both of us..


Cancer can and will be history in my lifetime. That's my dream!


Alicia said...

wow! it's so soon! good luck! we'll be rooting for you ;)

Angela said...

Good luck Jenn, you have worked so hard for this, and will do just fine!

Jo-Ann said...

Good luck Jenn, you are going to rock this!

marjean said...

You must be in really good shape. Wish I had half your strength and commitment. Your Dad would be so proud!

Jenn M said...

Not as good as I would like. Or was prior to January. But I have lots of determination that will more than make up for the not as great shape :)

MrsETaylor said...

don't forget to put air in your tires *hugs*

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