I am one of the few people that enjoy packing. This trip however, I'm at a loss.

2 days. It shouldn't be hard but man it is. I have to get everything including my sleeping bag and foamy into one bloody backpack. Jeez.

Plus if you haven't already figured out, I'm in virgin territory here. What do you pack for a bike trip? I know that I'm packing an extra pair of shoes because I can handle a wet rain filled shirt and shorts but socks and shoes that are wet are just plain gross..

I found out about these CO2 containers that you can use instead of a pump just in case you get a flat, because those I have to take care of myself. Maybe I'll show some leg and someone will help me? Ahhh..

The panic is starting to set in. 200km. Am I ready? Can you ever be really ready for it?


Amber said...

You have trained so hard; worked so hard! You can do it! You will do it!

And packing...hat, hair elastic, lotion, toothbrush and paste, deodarant, water and an extra set of clothes. :D There are some suggestions from someone who has never been there and totally has no right to suggest. :oP

Thinking of you, praying for you, and rooting you on!!

Michelle said...

You will do great Jenn...I'm sure you will blow through it.

Good Luck and I will be thinking of you !

Alicia said...

i'm nervous for you!! but how exciting!! can't wait to hear how it went!

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