Yippee it's the long weekend..

And what do my wondering eyes see.. Snow. Flippin snow. Ah the joys of Alberta.

Still going to try to make it to Bragg Creek tomorrow on the bike. It's a 100km loop but I'll break it up with a picnic lunch with the kiddo's..

Wish me luck. But I will say, I won't do it if its snowing.. Then I'll do 40 on the bike trainer in my living room, watching the weather network. :0

Have a great weekend.


Jo-Ann said...

Don't you know it always snows on the long weekend?

Good luck tomorrow, weather is supposed to be beautiful!

Jenn M said...

Thanks.. Yep I know but I always have hope that just once it will be nice. :)

Mama J. said...

How'd it go?

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