I've said it before and I'll probably say it again but Oh my goodness, less than 8 weeks left until I bike 200km.

What am I up to for training you might ask. This is where I hold my head in shame and say 3 hours. That's the most I can do at one interval. I need to be able to do more. But I find myself exhausted and not wanting to bike at night. Plus the fact that I have always sucked finding motivation to do anything on my own. So I'm going back to my original plan. I'm going to bike Bella from school 3 days a week. It still won't be a huge amount, like 20k but with two kids on the back as resistance it can't hurt.

Ahh. 8 weeks.


fullfreezer said...

As I can't comprehend even 3 hours a day of training I will say I'm impressed, even if you aren't. Keep up the good work. You will get there.

Jo-Ann said...

No doubt you are tired in the evenings after all day with 2 little ones.

I am cheering you on from here.

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