We have a baby!

I'm an aunty again! Yippee.

Baby Boy Beer. I'm personally thinking Samuel Adams or Alexander Keith? They have nice rings to them.. Corona Beer would sound silly. Maybe Rickards? How about Guinness?

Oh am I ever bringing back memories of being teased relentlessly at school. Shudder..

Happy Birthday Baby Boy. Can't wait to meet you. Darn hospital rules. See you on Monday.

And Angie you are my hero for going through everything you had to go through for my stubborn nephew.


fullfreezer said...

Yeah! Welcome baby boy!
I always think of Sam Adams as an ale not a beer, but if you insist. Whatever he is named, it will be just right.

Jenn M said...

True enough. Lol

My wonderful nephew is Jacob Christopher.

My dad would have been honored to have his name passed on. There will be a new generation of Beers. All the other Male Beers have had girls so my brother was the last hope lol

Jo-Ann said...

Congratulations Aunite!

What a wonderful name.

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