Is the 8th always going to suck?

It is getting better, well not better, just more normal.

I hate the 8th. 3 months ago today, my daddy passed away. I can't believe its only been, and its been so long alternately. I miss my dad's laugh, his smile, his useless knowledge, his temper (how diabolical is that? :))I miss my dad. He was a great great man. And I am very lucky to be able to call him my dad. I love you dad.

On another note, fundraising and training is in full swing. Just a reminder if you wanted to place an order for Pampered Chef please do so by Sunday. You can check my hostess site out at Pampered Chef 15% of sales go towards my fundraising. I'm so close to being able to do all three events. I'm doing and have already gotten the fundraising for The Ride to Conquer Cancer, The Underwear Affair but still need funds for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. With your help we can make cancer history!!

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