So many choices, so little money..

Did you know you can spend what I spent on my first 5 cars combined on a bike?

Seriously this bike is $9400. YIKES! Then I remind myself that I'm not Lance and the chance of Jenny ever, and I mean EVER doing anything like the Tour is non existent. To me this looks like a bike.. Has two wheels, a gear box, brakes etc but to a bike enthusiast this is the Cadillac of bikes. I don't have this need. Thank god. You can hear Sal breathe a HUGE sigh of relief...

But now out of fairytale land, back to my problem. What the heck am I going to buy? Do I buy a hybrid, like this or something more cost effective?

It's a Kona "Jake" for $949.00. Because I guess this is the schnizel for novice bikers cyclists like myself. But again, $1000 for a bike? That's my first 2 cars combined and from what I can see it doesn't come with little people in the saddlebags, pedaling for me. (If you find such a beast, please let me know) From what Steve said, it is a Hybrid Road Bike. I guess that means with 700c wheels (huh?) it will give me the speed I need to be awesome, and with the road bike handle bars crossed with a mountain bike handle bar it will give me the flexibility to be a rock star cyclist or a hard core mountain biker. Also the frame is oh my light. This will give me the oomph I'll need to help me bike 200ish kilometers.

But still $1000? So I have some more homework. I really don't want to pay that. really really really don't want to. But I don't want my crappy, crappy tire bike either because that bugger doesn't have the kick ass handle bars and is REALLY REALLY HEAVY.

So I have 3 more bike shops to check out. And there, hopefully, I will learn a little more about cycling. I have learned I do want the kick ass handle bars, I do NOT want the clipless pedals and if it comes in pink or orange that would be cool .. I am that kind of girl afterall.
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