Do you? I do..

So ever since I've been walking/running at night I have a rule. If your blinds are open, it's fair game. I've seen a lot in my year of walking. Last night I saw a naked man frying something on his stove, personally I think this is brave. I've seen a lot. I've seen some great designs of kitchens, some really ugly wallpaper, really really ugly art work. Some scary looking people. Some nice families. Last night hubby came out with me. He said I shouldn't look. I know I shouldn't, but its the voyeur in me. I'm just not the perverted type. I'm curious. I've spent my life being curious. I don't talk a lot, I watch. I people watch. It's what I do. So I'm asking do you look in? And not the creepy, intentional look, but the absent glance?

*and as an added special part to this post, I'll let you in on a secret -- even putting the word voyeur in my post I will get about 10 hits (possibly more) today simply from people who type Voyeur in google so I'll quickly say, lets conquer cancer, click here to end this blasted disease (even perverts, sorry perverts, have to hate cancer) Yay I'm getting my sarcasm back!

Have a wonderful day. I'm going to.


Angela said...

LOL, yes I look! I too am fascinated by how other people live, and if they give me the chance to peek... I'll take it! LOL

fullfreezer said...

Absolutely, I look. I'm with you- if the blinds are open, it's fair game. That's why we always close ours at night- I don't want someone seeing how messy my house is!

Stacey said...

Just so you know... I randomly found you by doing a search on Calgary and bloggers, not voyeurism! But enjoyed it all the same.

...need to go buy some curtains now.

I LOVE YOU said...


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