Sal and I went on a, wait for it,


An actual date last night. Not one of those cheap, haha you have two kids and no babysitter so you have a date in your living room. (although those are nice too) but we haven't been on an actual date since the Neil Diamond concert in September. So this was special. My sister and brother came over to babysit (Thanks guys) and we went to this great little pub in DeWinton. Stockmans Restaurant and Lounge. Had the Calamari, Salt and Pepper Wings and two fantastic desserts, oh and yes I had two Disaronno's and coke.

We've been dealing with so much shit the last 3 years that it is no wonder we are needing to reconnect. Two of the biggest stresses in a marriage, money and death of a family member. Check on both counts. The death of a family member twice. Cancer Sucks. And an industry that is not doing so well at the moment. So instead of divorce, which isn't a choice but a copout in many (not all) situations, we've decided to reconnect. It was fun to reconnect without kids. This past week has been a reflection period for me. I realized that I really love my husband. Really love the guy. He's funny, and smart and witty and all of those things that I forget about. Oh and he wants to start running.. YAY! I have a running partner. He's thinking about signing up for the Underwear Affair.

We are going to do this every week. Yay. I get my husband back. and he gets me back.

Oh and no scary dreams last night. My brain must have needed me to remember that part in order to get past the scary dreams.


Anonymous said...

Just stopping by from SITS to say hello!

Sonia said...

I'm so glad you and Sal are making time to reconnect! You're a wonderful person and you deserve to be happy! And I agree with you, too many people are quick to jump on the divorce wagon without even given the marriage a chance. It's sad really. Sounds like you guys had a great time on your date!

Jo-Ann said...

That is wonderful for you and Sal. Glad you had a great time and are able to continue to do it weekly.

Brandy said...

I love having one on one time with my guy too!

Welcome to SITS!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it was a great evening for you both.

Also, nice choice of restaurant. Erika and I have been there as well.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful date night.

Welcome to SITS!

fullfreezer said...

Oh, a date! What fun. They are so important. We also instituted Sunday afternoon tea time where we sit down together and have tea and TALK. It doesn't always happen due to the stuff of life but it is so great. It's a time to plan the week, talk about future goals and generally just spend time together.
Glad you had time to spend with your guy.

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