Not a morning person

I tried! I really did. I set the old alarm for 4:45. I had my running gear all lined up. I was ready. At 10:30 last night. But when the alarm went off at 4:45 I said screw it. That's so early. I like sleep. I need to run, because otherwise I'll be walking the half in April (which would suck) but man oh man I don't think I'm a morning person. Ha, I don't think it, I know it! I've trained my kids to become 8 am people too..

It is getting darker later so I'll go tonight. Tonight. I'll go for a 10k run tonight. Because 4:45 is for those working or crazy people. Although it has been said I'm crazy, still not waking up at 4:45 for anybody. Not even to get rid of my holy crap love handles that have appeared over the Christmas holidays.

Resistance training today. Hoping for a measly 20 pushups, 50 curls, bicep curls, lunges. All the interesting stuff.

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Michelle said...

i'm not a morning person either. Audrey is she wakes up REAL early....i spend 3 hrs trying to get her back to sleep each morning so I can lol It never works. Would love it if I could get up and workout but it's not going to happen here either. ever!

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