Here's a random, ok somewhat drunken post. Yay for DisAronno

Some ocean dweller was searching for a fish to eat way way back when and came out short. He knew his wife was going to be PISSED off because she had planned for fish for dinner, like every other night, so he had to come up with a solution. He went into the ocean and was thinking to himself, "self what to bring to my woman" he comes upon a rock. He puts his finger on his chin and thinks, hmm that weird looking thing looks tasty? Maybe wifey has some wine and garlic?

Ok the last part just makes my dinner better but seriously who the heck thought to themselves this

would make a good meal?

But man I'm glad they did.

and again thanks DisAronno for this post..

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fullfreezer said...

Yum! I'm glad they tried it. Personally, we've got Zombies in our fridge tonight! We need to relax before we go look at property tomorrow.
Now, if only I could type without having to correct multiple typos, I'd be good

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