Gone Crazy

Spent all night puking my guts out and it wasn't a Disaronno incident. I promise that. But even with zero sleep, a raw stomach, I want to run? WTH? Seriously? This is the day, because my kids are at their Nonna's, I should; rest, sleep and just get caught up from the last shi$y month.

But nope here I sit, typing and thinking suck it up buttercup go for a run. You don't have to run fast just run. Just go around the community once. That's 4 k. See if I can make it under the 26 mins I want. Man oh man I'm screwed aren't I. This 'athlete, fitness bug' that i've caught is lifelong huh? Well that's good. I guess???

1 comment:

Mama J. said...

Is the athlete fitness bug contagious??

If so, I am on my way over....;)

Go run, you can always stop to throw up.

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