Back to Basics..

I'm going to relearn being a MOM.

I've been so stressed out, mad, sad, bitchy, cranky these last 3 -14 months that I've forgotten what I love most in this world. My kiddo's.

So we are going back to the basics.

No Computer during the day (I'm not that good)
Science Experiments
Fun stuff!

I'm excited to become a mom again. And saddened that it got to this point. But I can't look back, only look forward.

"You can't change the deck of cards given, only how you play the hand" Randy Pausch 'The last Lecture'

I'm going to play a much better hand. My kids deserve it! I deserve it!


Angela said...

Good for you... I too have been slowly trying to be that Mom again. TV has been cut back, but not elminated. I just find it hard to get through the days/weeks with hubby gone, that I use the TV way too much!

Michelle said...

It's not hard to get distracted by everything going on and you have had a lot going on.

We have been doing the same thing since January and I can't even say how much our quality of life has changed. I look forward to mornings with the kids before Hayden goes to school.

Best of luck !!

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