Grief has not been kind to me

All I want to do is eat. Eat crap none the less..

Newsflash: A whole box of Lifestyle cookies, are not healthy. Yummy, but not healthy!

Walk tonight, I think, but since its minus 18 it'll be a cold one. Going to bike in about 15 mins for an hour, if the girls will let me.

Still have to get a better bike seat. And some gloves. Can't decide on a bike as of yet. Giving myself one more month.. That'll give me 8 weeks to get used to it on city/rural roads.

So I'm biking for so many people and I can't let them down, I won't let them down.. If you have someone you would like me to bike for let me know and I'll figure out something to honor them. Because cancer SUCKS! I can bike 200+kilometers so no one else has to eat a box of lifestyle cookies because grief sucks. It sucks the life out of you.


fullfreezer said...

There is something about comfort eating. Why don't we say- 'Gee, I'm feeling down, I think I'll eat an apple or some carrot sticks'. I am so impressed at what you are doing. I'll keep you in my thoughts. My father turned 83 on Feb 7th and I can't imagine being without him. My husband lost his father to cancer 3 years ago right after Christmas. It's hard. Time doesn't heal all wounds (like they say)- but it does get easier. Hang in there.

Sara said...

There is comfort found in junk food isn't there. Did you go for that walk? I went out for a bit and just about froze. Brrr. You're doing great Jenn. Can't wait to hear about your new bike when you decide on one.

Jenn M said...

Yep went for a walk.
It was very very cold.
Ended up walking to Starbucks for tea and then walking home so only an hour walk. But much better than nothing..

And yep Judy, man I wish I would have the "apple or carrot stick" mentality.. But I guess I have changed.. And least the lifestyle cookies were better than the entire bag of Cheetos I would have had a year ago :D

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