The best laid plans...

So today is Saturday. It WAS going to be my strength training day at the gym. And since I haven't been since the last week of January, I was excited but a little nervous. Got everything ready to jump out the house to go last night..

Then I wake up to the sound every parent hates. The dreaded SEAL. The seal barking in my ear at 4:30am yippee. But not just a seal.. The wheeze, the stretched ribs, the just horrible sound. Off to the shower for a hot steam for B. Nothing. Didn't help. And it was getting worse. So at 7:30 decided that yep, off to the hospital for us. Spent 5 hours in either the waiting room, or the exam room to find out that yep she does have croup and its a yucky case. Luckily shes almost 5 so her airways are bigger so a round of steroids will do the trick.

So now my evening off will be biking for an hour and strength training at home. again yippee. lol

Oh the joys of children.. And by the way she's much better. She's less seal and more B again..

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Michelle said...

I'm glad to hear B is doing better.

I hope you managed to get "you" time tonight !

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