The list is endless.

So we are trying to have a lowkey Christmas this year.  And that involves homeade gifts.  I don't sew (you don't want to see anything I've sewn, let me tell ya,  it ain't pretty people)  My art skills are limited to the kitchen.  That's it.  You know you will get either baked goods, canned goods, candies or yeah that's about it.  That's my artist pallet.  I love the kitchen. 

I love creating an awesome jam with just sugar fruit and homeade pectin.  A muffin, so what if it's really just a donut in disguise - I can do that.  A cookie absolutely. 

But you see now I have a problem.  I still want to keep everything.. So I have to either part with my precious canned goods (and not just that weird nectarine chutney that has survived a few years and I don't like anymore) or make a few more things.  I think I'm going to can a few oranges to make some yummy blood orange marmelade. 

So my list, it is long.  Cookies - just a few kinds.  Canned, a few variaties and maybe a candy.. I have 10 days... Countdown is on. 

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