I love traditions.  This one that we do today, I could live without, however I'm very glad we do it..

A glass (or two) of red wine, a big juicy steak, potato, and pecan pie for dessert.  Sounds like a great dinner, sadly it is really for one of the most amazing men who isn't here anymore.  Today our family will go out and celebrate my dad's 64th birthday because he isn't able too.  So screw you weight watchers.  I am not counting points tonight.  I am going to raise a glass to my daddy.  Happy birthday, 2 days early, dad!  So very much wish you were here to celebrate!


Ana Marie said...

enjoy your night hon! enjoy the memories and let the wine flow till the tears stop!

Michelle said...

Enjoy your evening ! Steak and wine - two of my very favorite foods (wine is a food right !)

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