Changes, changes and more changes..

Have you ever thought, self will it ever end?

This has been a very very hard 10 weeks for this family. 8 of those 10 weeks hubby has been on what we still hope is a "seasonal layoff" but with that we are only making the lovely unemployment max which is lets say less then max. But that's fine. We are lucky we expected it so our savings has had a dent but its not demolished. Talk to me in April and it will be a whole different story.

I love my husband I really really do. He's fantabulous but he gets in my way. I like schedules and order and normalcy. But he's a fly by seat of pants kinda guy. So for December I had him working doing reno's. January saw a few more but way cheaper renos and now February I don't know what I'll do. I am sending him on some classes for his work so he'll be out of my hair for a few days. lol So for our savings and my peice of mind lets all do a collective prayer. Please pray that Sal will be back at work in less then 3 weeks. ;)

Now for me. I started school. Yuppers. Through the tech college here I transferred some classes from another school and I'll have a diploma in 18 months. Yippee!! Well I'm hoping for 18 months but who knows. But I started. YAY!

32 years old and figured out what I want to be when I grow up. Yay!

Training is going well. Fund-raising is going well. I was told by someone they couldn't do the Ride to Conquer Cancer because it would be like nickle and diming the same people over and over again. I see it differently. Maybe I'm wrong though. I see it as people coming together for a common goal : conquering cancer. And when I stop doing this, I will gladly put my money where my mouth is. And to be fair, I do already. I put my donation in first. Always. I not only bike the 200k, which is huge, I donate. I donate to friends, myself etc etc. I hate cancer. Ok rant over.

Life is scary as heck right now for us, but I'm confident everything will be golden. :)


Jo-Ann said...

Don't worry, I am 41 and still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

What are you taking? How is studying going with kids? Not sure I could do that... hats off to you!

Jenn M said...

Health info management.
Right now its medical terminology.
Not bad with kids. I am pretty pooped at the end of the night which is when I study but it seems to be working right now.

MrsETaylor said...

Everything will be right as rain *huge hugs*
Miss ya *pout*

MrsETaylor said...

Everything will be right as rain *huge hugs*
Miss ya *pout*

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