Happy Anniversary..

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. I'm pretty sure you would much rather be here then where you are Daddy. Mom is doing crown molding to celebrate. She knows it was your plan to have crown molding in every room of the house, so she asked her brother to come in and do it. So when you look down from where you are tonight, you'll see a beautifully painted room (you taught mom well ;)) and crown moldings.

Happy 39th Anniversary. Wish you could be here.

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving too. I remember last year. You were on the Dex steroid. It was probably the funniest thanksgiving of my life. I have never seen anyone, not even my husband, who you know can EAT, eat that much food. What was it 3 big super helpings of the bird? I laughed and laughed and I will remember it always. And your gooofy, 'hey I'm dying, this could be my last thanksgiving and I love turkey so I'm going to eat it all and more' smile.

Love you. Miss you. Wish you were here.


Alicia said...

awww that is so sweet of your mom... what a sweet thought... i hope you have a good day reminiscing on good times with your dad...

Jo-Ann said...

Remembering the good times is a wonderful step.

Hope you are doing well.

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