Upwards and Onwards..

So I've been in a funk. Call it what you want, depression, grief, exhaustion, whatever you want but man its sucked. I am happy to say the fog is lifting. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and its NOT a train at the other end. I'm very excited about this. Anyways on with the show.

I have 7 usable weeks until the Ride to Conquer Cancer and besides being scary as all get out, its time to get my butt in gear. I finally have a plan. A little late, but still doable.

Tuesdays will be my hill day. There is a section by moms house in fish creek park that is so freaking hilly and its a valley so you can bike uphill both ways. Today I conquered it twice. Back and forth two times. It hurts but man I was very happy to say that the hill did not conquer me. I conquered the hill. Very cool! Next week I'll do it three times. So 6 big monster hills in a 15k section.

Mondays will be a round the block, flat as pancake speed sections. I'm up to 5 times around Cranston I'm hoping to get to 10 by May 18. We will see. Wednesdays will be interval training. Hills and flat. and speed. It might not be a race to the finish in June but I don't want to be last. As I said to my wonderful Sister, Ange last year when we did the Calgary Marathon, I'm not above tripping her to be second last. And although it would be trickier to trip someone on a bike, I'm not above it :)

I'll round the week up with two runs and one walk.

Bring it on. Jenny's back in the game!

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